Onsite Event Support

York Street Events specializes in creating teams of Travel Directors to operate our clients’ events.

We have an extensive network of fully vetted Travel Directors for your next event.
  • Solving

    Events are always changing and continue to present new challenges. Let us be the fresh set of eyes to step back and tackle the most stubborn event headaches. The York Street team is well versed in dissecting these challenges, and creating comprehensive solutions. We keep our eyes on the bigger picture while managing the details.

  • Superior

    An experienced team of Travel Directors will handle the details and minutia of your event operations. This allows your planner to focus on the big picture, their clients and managing their team.

  • Fully Aligned

    Our Travel Directors are specialists with expertise in logistics, hospitality, and event management. They bring best practices with them wherever they go. Our team works quickly to understand the operational needs of your event and ensures the outcome aligns with your goals.

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